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Avoid becoming a victim of scams and fraud!

  • Arrange to meet so the buyer can examine the item before payment
  • Be suspicious of too-good-to-be-true offers;
    there's probably a catch
  • Send money before you've seen the item
  • Send an item before you have been paid
Well known classified scams:
  • Cheap overseas phones (iPhones etc.)
  • Cheap laptops (MacBooks etc.)
  • Cheap loans (overseas)
  • Get rich programs
  • Advance funds fraud
  • Puppy scams



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The BEST Pets listings near Home of BC Community Newspaper Classifieds

The BEST Pets listings near Home of BC Community Newspaper Classifieds


633-6019 • <br>WEDNESDAY, JUNE  633-6019 •  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 19    2024    HOURS OF OPERATION    Tuesday - Friday: 12 am - 4 pm  Saturday: 11 pm - 4 pm  CLOSED SUNDAYS & MONDAYS    We have so many puppies at Wild Adventure Yukon!  They’re caring for 12 of our puppies, 3 different litters! Go out and meet them!    AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION    Bolt    Tenderheart    Everest    Funky  Stumpy    Groot    Xylon    Zuri    Wild  Adventure  Puppies    Opal    Po    RUNNING AT LARGE...  If you have lost a pet, remember  to check with City Bylaw:  668-8382    Chicken    &    Pastrami    &    Ham    &    Sausage    We will be closed on  Friday, June 21 for National  Indigenous Peoples Day    Most needed donations:  ❑ Toilet paper  ❑ Dish soap  ❑ Small & regular garbage  bags, large durable garbage  bags  ❑ Large Ziploc bags  ❑ Biodegradable poop bag  rolls  ❑ Pet-safe ice melt  ❑ Any type of dog food  ❑ Cat litter, Lightweight cat  litter, or chicken feed (used  as cat litter)  ❑ Covered Litter Boxes    ❑  ❑  ❑  ❑  ❑  ❑  ❑  ❑  ❑  ❑    Litter scoops  Cat wands & toys  Puppy toys (new)  Dog Toys  Extremely Durable dog toys  (for hard chewers)  Extra-Large Kennels for  Dogs (plastic or metal)  Dog Puzzles  Raised dog beds  Martingale collars large, XL  Dog Harness Large and  Extra-Large    Donated items can be dropped off at the Shelter during operating hours.  For a complete list, visit    Help control the pet overpopulation problem  have your pets SPAYED OR NEUTERED.  FOR INFORMATION CALL    633-6019
Cariboo <br>Pet Crematorium <br>Est. 1997  Cariboo  Pet Crematorium  Est. 1997    Hand crafted urns  complete with  name plate.    250-395-3330  Private or Group
DOG GROOMING <br> <br>With <br>  DOG GROOMING    With    Michelle    Tues Sat    All Breeds  including  Large Dogs    Appointments necessary    271A Trans-Can. Hwy. N.E.    250-832-0604 •
FREE 2 Budgies + cage. Pickup Campbell River 250-850-1081
Vaccinated Black or White $1,000 250-258-3557